Scary Articles

Scan will tell if Gidley gets to play this season

NEWCASTLE skipper Kurt Gidley will learn today if his NRL season is over a month before it has even begun.

... And Another thing

A WORD of advice to all immigrants from Simon Overland: be sure to act according to your cultural stereotype when out in public or you run the risk of being beaten up. Tony O'Brien, South Melbourne

Victoria pushes inclusion of bushfire emissions in national tallies

A CARBON deal that recognises the emissions from bushfires and other sources on public land should be embraced, the Victorian Government says.

Hype springs eternal

Another low-budget horror flick attempts to emulate the success of Blair Witch.Paranormal Activity Written and Directed by Oren Peli Rated M Running time 87 minutes Cinemas Everywhere Rating: 1/5

Scary films distract us from the truly terrifying

AT A recent preview of the film Paranormal Activity, during a particularly frightening ouija-board moment, a young male viewer totally lost it, loudly so. He wasn't huddling under his seat or blubbering for mummy. He was laughing.